Our story

After more than three years of freelancing in the field of transcriptions, founding Alex R Production in 2013 came as the most logical step. The unflagging demand for cooperation came from various industries including large and small commercial companies, TV stations, production houses and individuals.

The great diversity of sources and situations has taught us to adapt to circumstances and be flexible in our reactions while maintaining a high standard of our outputs. In order to give a visual face to the quality of our services, we decided to create our own business trademark, Scripto, at the end of 2017.

We can transcribe up to eight hours of recordings or up to 180 pages of text in a single day

The total resistance to time stress, the speed of typing of up to 600 keystrokes per minute, the list of nine foreign languages to translate from and the ability to work practically nonstop – those are just some of the reasons why you should pick us.

In Slovakia, you would have to look hard for a company that is able to produce smoother transcripts with fewer mistakes and greater formal clarity than we do at Scripto. Our daily work with written word also helps us in the field of translating and interpreting where we can rely on our sense for language and context. We are a trustworthy company that guarantees discreetness to its clients.

We know you are clients with individual needs and we make sure to treat you as such. We always strive to bring you something extra. That’s why we pay special attention to small but important practicalities (highlighting substantial parts of the text, dividing it into logical chapters, adding timecodes,…) that are likely to make your future work easier. We don’t miss a single punctuation mark and once we commit to something, you can rely on us.

17 822 transcripts
639 561 recordings
125+ clients